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Jan 30, 2016
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Rae Leggett
I haven't been taking many videos with my a6500, which was one of the reasons I got it. The video is always as shaky as a capuchin monkey on crack cocaine, despite IBIS, stabilized lenses, etc.

This morning, trying to take vid of a cormorant on the lake, I realized why my vids are so shaky - it's just the placement of the video on button, way out on the right side of the grip, where I have to do thumb yoga to turn it on/off. And I realized I can remap that button to the C1 button. Doh! :doh:

My second realization is that I'm looking at 42 megapixel images from my A7R2 on a 1.4 megapixels monitor (1440p). Literally only looking at 3% of the pixels. I would need a 52 inch monitor (at the same resolution) to see all the pixels.

I switched brands of coffee.


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Aug 20, 2011
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The principles of firing a firearm and taking a picture are very similar.

Smooth movements and controlled breathing with make a massive difference and the longer you shoot, the more stabilization you will need.

And yes, a proper monitor that is color calibrated will make a huge difference

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