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Beginner web streamer guidance


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Jul 22, 2020
Hi all, what started as a "What's the best webcam for streaming and interacting with friends" due to covid-19, has open me the wonderful and fascinating world of videography. I can wait to continue to explore my creativity with video creation. But before i get a head of myself. I did seek out to accomplish a project objective and are in need of your support.

Ability to stream/web(zoom) to provide the best focus view detail clarity presented by an over the top down view covering a 24 by 24″ view of space that captures medium size fonts.

What i have thus far:
a5100 camera body only ( i realize this camera only streams in 1080 60) should i sell it?
Elgato Cam 4k.

I understand what makes the camera is the lens.
What recommended lens would you suggest to accomplish my objective. One of the lens i have been looking at is the Sigma 30mm f\1.4

I can wait to start my next project, but for now in the spirit of coping with this pandemic and staying connected w/ Friends. I would appreciate your level of expertise.

.... attached is a sample of what i'm trying capture in a 24 by 24" space, capture multiple cards.

My apologies if i am going about incorrectly. again appreciate your support.

Thank you


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Sep 10, 2015
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Unless you are going to have a single fixed subject in all of your video, you probably want a manual focus ring on your lens. The Sigma image quality would be fine but it does not have a manual focus ring. What to use instead, well my understanding is that many videographers use older manual prime lenses from film cameras, which are relatively inexpensive. Many have manual focus rings, and quality can be excellent without breaking the bank. You'll need an adapter, of course, but since you don't need autofocus you can get a cheap 'dumb' adapter. Given your APS-C sensor, something on the wider side seems advisable, like the Sigma you are looking at. If you have a kit zoom, you may want to set it up with the coverage you seek and see at what focal length that ends up.

Alternatively you could look at cine lenses but they are very costly, and probably overkill for you for now anyway.

With that stream-of-consciousness said, have you tried with whatever lens you have? I mean since you are exploring, maybe you just want to experiment a little with what is at hand, see what works and does not work so well. That might give you a better idea of what you should buy instead.

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