Batis 85mm on A6000 (A6300)

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Lenses' started by soeren, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. soeren

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    Dec 12, 2014
    N├Žstved, Denmark
    The Sigma 60mm is the longer focallenght af lens Ive got for my A6000. At times I wish I had something a little longer so the 85mm comes into mind.
    What do you guys think? Size, handling(on A6000(or A6300)), AF and image quality?
  2. addieleman

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    Nov 13, 2012
    Ad Dieleman
    One big advantage would be the image stabilization provided by the Batis 85mm. With the Sigma 2.8/60 on the NEX-6 I tried to stay at shutter speeds of 1/250 s and faster to ensure perfectly sharp pictures, because that lens is so sharp that the slightest motion blur detracts from the perceived image quality. On all the other questions I have nothing meaningful to say.