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Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by Yadex, Mar 31, 2015.

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    I was using a Sony SAL 50mm DT with the LAEA2 and the lens give you a beautiful background blur when you focus your subject but when you snap your photo and review it that beautiful background blur goes away 75%, I try it on auto, manual, program, aperture priority and got the same results
    is that normal on this lens???
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    When you focus with a SLR lens, the focusing is happening at maximum aperture ( Mirrorless Sony cameras focus with native lenses at the aperture selected by you or the camera) . With the LA-EA2 or other adapters with semi translucent mirrors for A-mount, the AF sensors are in the adapter and they require as much light as possible to improve AF speed and accuracy. In this case F1.8 which is providing very little depth of field and this helps faster focusing but this is not showing you the real depth provided by your lens at whatever aperture you or the camera selects. So you are actually working the same as if you were using an A-Mount camera.
    When you click the shutter, the lens closes down to the aperture selected by the camera settings you get imposed depending on ISO, amount of available light etc.

    This phenomena in case you are new to photography , is called depth of field and this changes as the aperture number changes when taking the picture. Smaller numbers F 1.8 or F 2 provide little depth of field maximizing the separation or blurring effect of the subject against a given background. Larger numbers F16 , F22 give a lot of depth of field thus showing less blurring of the subject to background or foreground.

    Try again in A mode (or M Mode) selecting F1.8 as the working aperture and your backgrounds will be blurry as you see them in the viewfinder since there will be no stopping down of the lens at this setting.
    Beware at F1.8, the zone of sharp focus is very limited and you may end up getting your girlfriend's nose in focus but not her eyes or the hair on the back of her head may start looking fuzzy making you think your lens has some focusing problem which it does not !
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