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    I just came back from a 5 day holyday at Pico island, in the Azores. The Azores archipelago has 9 islands, all very different. The main characteristic of Pico is the 2351m high volcano; the island is one of the most recent, and so the volcano has not blown up yet:)

    It is normally covered with clouds and mist. I went up the trail to the top on my 50th birthday last week, with wife and two kids. A great adventure, spent the night camping in the crater.

    I have started processing my images, this is the initial batch:

    1. Criacao Velha vineyards, Unesco world heritage. These plants have to face the fierce storms, and are 400 years old. The Pico wine is famous.

    2. Pico volcano seen from Lajes do Pico.

    3. Faial island seen from Madalena do Pico.

    4. Windmill at Sao Joao.

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    Nice series, #1 and #4 are my favorites.
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    Fascinating place! Nice shots, especially #2 for me ;)
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    Beautiful place, and an nice way to commemorate your 50th.