Audi Sport Showcase, Chewton Glen - 4th Nov 2014

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    Aug 31, 2013
    Dorset, UK
    So I'm sat at an airport (LHR T2) waiting for a flight that has been delayed 2 hours, figured I would share my thoughts with you from my escapades earlier in the week!

    I have managed to get myself a nice side venture as 'Social Media Photographer' for my local dealer(s) - 2 dealer franchise. So I get invited to all events etc and take pics in exchange for them using them. I'll include some below, note I have purposely processed them with real 'pop' and many are square as they are destined for Instagram!

    Below is basically what I have written on a couple of car forums, but I know a few of you guys are petrol heads so should enjoy! All were shot with the kit 16-50, a few were bracketed and then HDR'd in post. In the link at the bottom to the rest of the images, the couple with the deer were with the SEL35F18. Feel free to throw any comments you see fit!

    So first up, I took the RS7 out. I took the RS6 out last year, and unsurprisingly there isn't much difference between them! Both very big and very fast! One thing of note was the RS7 was pleasingly tail happy which I wasn't expecting.

    I get the RS6, its uber practical and uber fast, but the RS7 I'm not so sure on, I hit my head getting in due to the low roofline, and even with the seat at it's lowest setting my hair still rubbed the roof! For such a big car, it's not actually very big inside, either in passenger, or usable boot (sure the boot is big, but no tall loads!).




    Then onto the RSQ3, I was really interested to see what this was like having previously owned it's bigger brother the SQ5. Sadly it was a bit of a disappointment. While the SQ5 has managed to bring the best of all worlds, the RSQ3 has brought the worst...
    The gearbox is the old style 'S' is a dedicated position, not the flick back from 'D' *to engage Sport and flick again to return to Drive as is seen on more recent Audi's. This meant every time I went from 'P' to 'D' I ended up in 'S', and it's not as easy to quickly engage it when driving as you have to use the button...
    The suspension was very wobbly, not what I expected from an RS model (jacked up or not!).
    The old 6 speed Stronic is also very poor at deciding clutch position for pull away, and it had an incredibly annoying habit of having the ESP kick in at the last 500rpm of 1st gear, which made for a very jerky and excruciatingly long change to 2nd!
    The boot is smaller than an A3...
    And having just driven the RS7 it felt very slow!
    It's only saving grace is the 5-pot 2.5 engine, what a beauty! It's sounds like a jet engine under the hood! This was good!



    And finally onto the S5 Sportback, I wasn't sure what I was going to think of this. I've never really liked the S5 as I always needed a proper hatchback/estate, and also having come from two RS model test drives I wondered if it would feel a bit numb.... Oh how I was wrong! What an GREAT car!
    First, the engine, I've only ever heard good things about the 3.0 supercharged V6, but I wasn't prepared for just how good it is! The power delivery is SO instant, I guess I've got used to turbos and while modern twin-scroll impellers have made for a massive reduction in lag, there is no substitute for a directly driven induction system! The sound was also lovely, one of the Audi Tech's said it sounded a bit like a Porsche flat-6 and I tend to agree, just from the wrong end of the car and with a lovely, but subtle whine of the charger over the top!

    The 7Stronic is also a peach, I couldn't get over how easy pulling away at speed was! You just pick any point on the throttle you want, and it pulls away with an appropriate amount of vigour per your request, no bogging, not clutch slip, no wheel spin - JUST GO! Not sure if this is the effect of dry over wet clutches?

    The road handling was also great, the model was missing DriveSelect which was a shame, but honestly I didn't miss it as once you start spanking it the steering automatically weighted up nicely, and obviously the gearbox has the option of 'S' (and the proper flick back from 'D' stick as well!).

    The other thing about this box which was refreshing, was it has been programmed properly!
    When I drive an auto/DSG I like to use the kick down button to change down for engine braking, so pootling along at 70/7th, stab throttle and lift off, immediate change down to 3rd and I can stand on the brake.

    There is inconsistence across the Audi range (and indeed VAG) as to whether this happens, or it goes '3rd, oh wait you've lifted off, let's plumb for 5th', and also some do my preferred only in 'S' but not 'D', some never do it, some do it in 'D' and 'S'!!! My SQ5 did it only in 'S', so I got in the habit of gear flick, throttle stab, brake... But those that do it in 'D' and 'S' like the S5 (and my old BMW 135i) are my favourite!





    Hope you all enjoyed (I know I did!). There are a few more pics to wonder through here if you are interested... Showcase 2014


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  2. davect01

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    Aug 20, 2011
    Fountain Hills, AZ
    Always been a fan of Audi's, even though I have never owned one.
  3. José De Bardi

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    Aug 31, 2013
    Dorset, UK
    DO IT!! Best car's I've ever owned!
  4. NickCyprus

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    Oct 11, 2012
    Not when they brake down and need (expensive) parts in orded to fix them :D
    Especially "sensors" - they are their favorites :p
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