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As a Sony and Nikon shooter, I still can't justify getting the Nikon Z!


TalkEmount All-Pro
Aug 16, 2014
Los Angeles, USA
I had to dump my thoughts out on here, because it's racking my brain! I can't post this in the Nikon forum, because these thoughts are mainly for those familiar with the E mount! I currently still shoot with a Nikon DSLR kit for certain scenarios, mainly for flash and event photography where I much prefer the OVF and better battery conservation for long shooting days. To some extent I'm a bit of a Nikon fanboy (due to almost two decades of use), but I like shooting other systems! Saying that I've been shooting Sony FF mirrorless now for the last two years and use the Sony bodies for most of my portrait and travel shooting.

Now that Nikon released the Z cameras and I've been able to test one out, I honestly think the cameras are great and despite the negative reviews coming out, they actually work very well and I'd love to add one to my kit. Saying that, I still can't justify owning a Z camera!

It mainly comes down to Sony's ability to adapt a variety of lenses to my kit, such as Nikon AF and older manual glass. The Techart Pro adapter also lets me keep my kit compact with Voigtlander M glass when I want to go stealthy and small. My Sigma Art glass can be used across both systems no problem via an adapter.

Also, as much as I like to give into GAS, I'm still practical regarding my needs and I'm having a hard time justifying the Z cameras into my kit. Also since my mirrorless needs tend to drift towards portrait work, the A7III eye-AF is a game changer. My hit rate is definitely around 90-95% in portrait shooting, while I'd gauge DSLR shooting without eye-AF closer to 80-85% due to mis-focus in quick burst.

Sorry to brain fart on everyone, but I had to get my thoughts out regarding this matter!


TalkEmount Veteran
Jan 25, 2019
If Nikon had brought out a sports and wildlife model as one of its first FF mirrorless, or even if the Z6/7 had a similar AF implementation as the FF DSLRs, I'd probably still be a Nikon-only user.
I don't know whether it was strategy or just dumbness but none of them is a pro camera. Nikon was it appears just assuming that pros would stay with DSLRs as their main rig.
As with the DX range, there's no crop sensor or Z lens over 300mm. Mirrorless with a short flange distance gives you better potential lens performance but not with an adaptor.
But IMO the AF performance of the D500 is still better than the A9's all things considered but it takes a lot more to master that camera. All my Nikon stuff is sold except for that. One day I'll buy a used 500mm PF to pair with it. Sony doesn't have a compact affordable quality tele in the 750-850mm range.

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