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Argh, models move FAST, newfound respect for trying manual focus at a fashion show


TalkEmount Veteran
Sep 3, 2011
A local salon was using some of my photos from the city as a backdrop for a fashion show in the basement of the salon. I thought I would try to shoot a few photos
with my 50 1.4 in black & white mode, using f2.8 - 4, and ISO 1600 to try to get some speed, without flash, but it was marginal and none of the photos were in sharp focus and there were half a dozen small
lights pointed right at my seat, but here are a few photos... including one of the show photographers who could have been a model,
Salon 560 model 2 DSC00667.jpg
Salon 560 model DSC00707.jpg
Salon 560 photographer DSC00641.jpg


TalkEmount All-Pro
Feb 4, 2012
New Zealand
Ah yes, fashion shows - haven't done those, but I've done a few weddings... people and movement are always a challenge, even more so with MF. Don't you just love how confident models are and how they can just approach a camera as if meeting a real close friend? :)

Are you sure she's not part of the show as a model using a camera as a prop? lol


TalkEmount Top Veteran
Aug 25, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Real Name
Phoenix Gonzales
I agree with serhan, a rangefinder lens' short focus throw gives it an edge when you want to focus quickly and accurately which makes it perfect for shooting street (used in tandem with the NEX's focus peaking makes the set up quite ideal).

Good on you for giving it a go lapdog99, like Dioptrick I havent really anything along the lines of that only a weddings here and there and I agree mate, that show photographer could have been a model.

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