Apple's new iPad and photographers using new iPhoto

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Cameras' started by lapdog99, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. lapdog99

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    Sep 3, 2011
    If you haven't seen the iPhoto for iPad presentation (1 hr 2 min. Into the video of Tim Cook, you can jump to this time point) you should at least take a look. Photos are really going to shine on this device.

    Admittedly, I am a long time Apple bigot. Anyone else use iPads?
  2. Bimjo

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    Oct 28, 2011
    Washington State
    I haven't used mine so far for photos, but I do plan to use it as my vacation pic editing device rather than schlep my 17" MBP around. The new version of iPhoto has some interesting capabilities, enough to make it a worthy $5 purchase for quick editing on the road.

    Not sure if it has RAW support or not yet. I'll probably d/l it this weekend and play with it a bit to see. The Journal thing is pretty cool, if it works well enough I might just give up my blog space and use that instead.