Anyone have an Odin and Alienbee?

Discussion in 'Lighting Forum' started by crashwins, Aug 21, 2015.

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    I am convinced, based on my research with the YN-622s and my AB1600, that one can HSS with the Phottix Odin directly wired (not wirelessly!) to the AB1600 or Einstein (not AB800 and lower). With my 6D, AB1600, and YN-622 I was able to sync up to 1/2000 very well when wired from the transceiver to the Bee. Want to ask before buying an Odin. Anyone? Many people could benefit from such a test! Thanks!
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    Michel Brien
    I don't see how it can work since the Odin is a reverse-engineered solution that simulates the Sony/Minolta ON CAMERA protocols. HSS in Sony/Minolta cameras is a function of BOTH camera and flash talking to each other to synchronize and provide the correct timing so the small repeated flashes that end up covering the whole frame during exposure. The Odin is also engineered in a way that some flash models may not actually work well with their system: some Sigma models come to mind.
    The protocol that makes this work can not be reproduced with a studio flash unless it has been designed to work with the particular camera brand and model you have in mind. I still have not seen anything to that effect except maybe ProFoto but at what cost and only Nikon compatible if i remember well.

    I looked at your other post mentioning it worked with your Canon 6D and i still can't figure how the set-up you describe could actually end-up working (maybe Canon has found the ultimate HSS that works with any flash ?). If it did work up to 1/2000sec, why not at higher speeds ? Maybe you got lucky that the scene you were taking picture of did not show the lack of synch (this could happen in daylight)

    There is also nothing i saw/read in the AlienBees flash documentation that mentions any such capability either wether cabled or not.

    I have 2 sets of Odin and they work well with my compatible Minolta/Sony flashes but just to give you an idea how finicky the reverse engineered system has its limits: If i use them with my A7r or A7II using an adapted lens that has no camera communication ( Minolta MC/MD/Tamron adaptall) , the Odin keeps shooting at the same power setting as the last shot it remembers and you can't change power/ratios/HSS and totally lose TTL.

    Plugging an AlienBees through what ? an adapter for the multiple contacts that sit on the Odin wether Minolta/Sony Autolock or the new Sony MIS ?
    I don't see how it will know how to synch HSS with a simple 2 connector cable.
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