Any experiences with the Metz mecablitz 15 MS-1 or similar flashes?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Poki, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Poki

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    Aug 30, 2011
    My Touit 2.8/50M should arrive in two weeks or so, so I'm thinking about the lighting setup for macro- and close-up work (like product photography, still lifes, etc.). I'm also going to use it for some portraits, so the lighting ideally should be suitable for that too.

    While normal system flashes take long to set up for individual macro situations which is not always possible when time is limited and as they need flash stands, diffusors, etc., I thought about alternative solutions. One thing I found is the mecablitz 15 MS-1 (

    (image from Amazon)

    While it looks like it, it is NOT a ring flash. It just features two flashes (GN 15) which are positioned at opposite ends of the ring. The design is that way so that you can mount the flash in front of the lens. With the built-in reflectors and individual power settings for both flashes it should be possible to give the light some direction. This eliminates the biggest disadvantage of traditional ring flashes (i.e. the flatness of the light). Also, with a price tag around €280 it's only about a third of the official Sony twin flash.

    It is completely wireless, although with the lack of a flash that can control wireless TTL flashes I'll be limited to the optical trigger. It's probably not a good solution, but with the power of the internal flash dialed all the way down it could work without an impact on the final image.

    What do you think of this flash for macro- and close-up (and, to a lesser degree, portrait-) photography? Do / did you use this or a similar flash in the past? What are your experiences?
  2. Poki

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    Aug 30, 2011
    Nobody used this or a similar flash?

    Whatever, I've almost settled my mind to go for a mecablitz 52 AF-1 and a mecablitz 15 MS-1 to start with. The 15 should be quite versatile - being useful in macro and close-up photography while also being used as a wireless fill light while the 52 AF-1 is used as main light.

    The 52, of course, is a full-on wireless TTL master with enough output power to keep me happy for a while, hopefully. I plan to use this for night landscapes to accentuate certain parts of an image just as I plan to use it in studio conditions where it can either control the 15 MS-1 or act as a second or third (with the built-in flash utilized) flash in servo mode.

    So my setup finally looks a little more complete than some years ago. Now I only have to fund this flash setup - I'm afraid after buying the Touit 2.8/50M I won't have that money for some time ...
  3. xXx1

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    Jan 15, 2013
    Sorry, no experience about 15 ms-1 but I am interested about your experiences with it ... .

    Anyway I might get Viltrox twin flash before summer but I will experiment first with ordinary flash and reflector first.
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