Airshow - with a 5n & MF lens - tips please

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by swanseastu, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. swanseastu

    swanseastu TalkEmount Rookie

    Apr 19, 2013
    Going to be taking my Nex along to our local airshow in 2 weeks time.

    I dont have a long lens with AF to take along so I am considering taking the 200mm MF lens I have.

    Any suggestions for best settings, focus points etc.

    I do the luxury of the EVF on my 5n.

    Thanks in advance
  2. addieleman

    addieleman Passionate amateur Subscribing Member

    Nov 13, 2012
    Ad Dieleman
    Take care that you don't just set the 200mm lens at infinity, you can check now already in the magnified view if the lens focusses at infinity and at what setting. Cost me a few frames before I realized that infinity on the lens wasn't really infinity but "past infinity" when I accidentally was treated with an air show (Liberation day in Israel while I was on a business trip there).
  3. swanseastu

    swanseastu TalkEmount Rookie

    Apr 19, 2013
    Thanks....think I might go and have a play at the airport

    An interesting point about infinity focus...sort of why I put that bit in my original question. ...

    Fingers crossed for pleasant weather now lol
  4. Bimjo

    Bimjo Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Oct 28, 2011
    Washington State
    Well, focus past infinity could be fixed with shims under the lens mount plate on the adapter if you wanted. At least that's better than the adapter being too long and not reaching infinity. That's the issue I have with my Pentacon 300/4- it never gets to infinity. Works great up to about 50 yards, beyond that, meh!
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