Advice needed on using legacy "Tamron LD XR 28-200 mm F/3.8-5.6" on NEX-5R

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by pvp_victor, Nov 26, 2013.

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    Nov 24, 2013
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    Hi friends,

    This is my first post in this forum. So pardon me if there are mistakes.

    Upgrading from a prosumer P&S, I acquired a Sony NEX-5RL (with 16-50mm lens), about 2 months back. I’ve also added a Canon FD lenses 50mm F/1.4 SSC and 28mm F/3.5 and also a Canon FD mount Carl Zeiss Jena (CZJ) 80-200mm F/4.5-5.6, all in breech lock. In fact the possibility of playing a lot with legacy MF lenses was a major decision maker towards the NEX :biggrin:

    I shoot JPEG 99% times and no video yet in NEX. I am still learning and at about 1200 plus picture count. As I’m still trying to locate a compact tripod, most of my shots are hand-held and I am reasonably decent with HH shots down to 1/25 s speed.

    My concern is about the CZJ zoom. About 70% times, I am not happy with this lens for objects at beyond 50feet distance. Moreover, it suffers from purple fringing, the colors are bit off at low light, it is low on contrast and the photos wear a painted look. So recently started testing the RAW/ARW waters using Sony's IDC software, but am not finding significant differences (may be because of my lack of knowledge in that software). May be I need the tripod or perhaps the CZJ doesn't have the resolving power with respect to modern pixel peeping?

    A few days back, I came to know about the legacy Tamron 28-200mm F/3.8-5.6 XR LD lens (Model A03), with a filter dia of 62 mm (not the older 72mm dia) in Pentax and Nikon mounts; this has range 100 feet (and to infinity) marked on the focusing ring. This lens is about 360g and looks like some sort of an alternate to the SEL 18200 zoom lens, in size and weight. There is a mix of opinions on this Tamron. Here are my queries to the experts in the forum:

    1. On the focus ring, 40 feet is marked for the CZJ, and 100 feet is marked for the legacy Tamron. Do they mean that with the CZJ, I can control focus only up to 40feet and with the Tamron I retain focus upto 100 feet ? What is the use of 40 feet, when my 50mm F/1.4 has 30feet ??
    2. with the Tamron, how good would be the control over focusing up to 100feet ?
    3. Has anyone tried the Tamron A03 on NEX ? I am unable to locate any relevant information about the combo in the forum.
    4. Any other legacy FAST zoom lens which is reasonable light in weight?

    If this Tamron is OK, I might go with that and the 50mm F/1.4 combination for most occasions.

    Thanks in advance for suggestions.
  2. xXx1

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    Jan 15, 2013
    1) Yes you can focus infinity with all lenses. Here is one Depth of Field calculator :
    It is just impossible to mark all focusing distances in the barrel.
    2) You don't need very precise control for 100 feet with 200 mm lens as DOF is quite large at aperture 5.6.
    3) No personal experience.
    4) I have gone to two zoom route.

    With 200 mm focal length you need to have about 1/300 shutter speed to avoid camera shake and there is no sturdy light weight tripods. I have Velbon UT 43D that I got cheaply. SIRUI T-1005X might be better choice but it isn't as tall as Velbon but I got that Velbon cheaply and it is usable as lighning tripod too and I think that Sirui isn't tall enough. There are probably other light weight tripods too.
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  3. pvp_victor

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    Nov 24, 2013
    bangalore, india
    Oops, I have not presented my question correctly.

    In the CZJ, whatever is within say 40-50 feet, generally comes out OK to good in OOC images. Objects beyond that 40-50 feet range generally do not come out with sharp or shall I say acceptable sharpness. The other day a pair of monkeys were about 80-90 feet away, and I shot a few images with varying F and S settings. When viewed at 100% the detail of monkeys was missing out. Hence the lure of a lens that can focus up to 100 feet :D. Sample images would help explain this, but, I'm unable to upload images due to the
    "500 [IOErrorEvent type = "ioError " bubbles=false cancelable=false blah blah blah" problem.

    Thanks for the reply and advice on 1/300s. I will check the EXIM data of my images on this.

    I'm going to check the performance with an el-cheapo light weight tripod (less than 400mm folded length AND 2Kg load capacity - chuckle- ) my friend has.
  4. xXx1

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    Jan 15, 2013
    There are two kinds of camera shake. Lateral one and angular one. Angular one is the problem with teleobjectives. Even a small angular shake will magnify as magnification increases (that is longer lenses have more problems with it).
  5. pvp_victor

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    Nov 24, 2013
    bangalore, india
    Advice on ANY GOOD Compact and Lightweight Legacy Telephoto Lens to junk my CZJ 80-200mm

    A BIIIIIG thanks to you Mods for allowing me to upload pictures.

    The Carl Zeiss Jena 80-200mm zoom (Canon FD Mnt) that I own throws a few surprises time-to-time, but mostly disappoints me. Pls see the two sets of pics below:

    The tiny little flower was about 10mm in size, about 20-22 feet from my Balcony and the tiny bee sat as I clicked.
    DSC01014 ReSz.JPG
    ISO 160; 1/200s & -1 exposure; FL=200mm; t=11:53AM

    Look at the yellow pollen on light green stems and details on the leaves (photo touched up a little in IDC for sharpness, clipped shadows). Colors are untouched. The 100% crop is given below:
    The above crop really really surprised me (being the rare exception with the CZJ zoom).

    (2) Now look at the pics of squirrel below: It was about three storeies below and 20-25 feet away. Photo taken around under mild winter day sunlight.

    ISO 2500 (AUTO); 1/1250s & +0.7 exposure; FL=200mm; t=1:30PM
    Look at the ISO above!!

    The 100% crop is below:

    There's no detail. The squirrel looks as if it is painted. This is what I meant in my opening post, about no focus control in this CZJ for any object at more than 40feet and I requiring focus control up to 100 feet - in the Tamron Zoom -). I have come the APS-C way, not for simple web-page view but for the shear pleasure of seeing my photos in 100% view. What am I doing wrong with the CZJ ?

    With no comments coming forward for the Legacy Tamron and with the reviews on SEL55210 not so encouraging, thinking of going to the 100mm telephoto lens. Chose OM Zuiko Auto-T 100mm F/2.8 due to its compactness (48mm), lightweight (230g) nature and IQ. Unable to get any in evilbay with sellers ready for "shipping to India".

    Experts' advice eagerly awaited on ANY GOOD compact and lightweight legacy telephoto, preferably with F/2.8, that doesn't stick out of the NEX body the way the SEL55210 does (108mm long & 345g heavy, with F/4.5-6.3. My CZJ is F/4.5-5.6 :frown:).
  6. Bimjo

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    Oct 28, 2011
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    Did you shoot this through the window glass? That could be a large part of the problem. The window in my home office is wavy. I can shoot through parts of it without issue, other parts of it absolutely destroy pictures.

    How are you focusing? Are you using focus peaking, magnification, or both? It is possible that the Tamron just isn't capable of the performance that you seek. It wasn't particularly well regarded on film, no reason to believe that it would be on digital.

    I have a Yashica 75-200/4.5 that takes adequate pics, my SEL55210 is much better and it weighs much less as well.

    It's a fools dream to expect a f/2.8 zoom that would be smaller/lighter than the SEL55210. Not. Going. To. Happen. No matter how much we would like to do it, the laws of physics cannot be broken in this case.
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  7. pvp_victor

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    Nov 24, 2013
    bangalore, india
    I didn't know any other way to answer your queries and hence answered them with font size and color change. Pardon me if I missed the obvious way to answer. Thanks for your comments and input on SEL 55210. I just am not able to convince myself with its size. NOT YET. Please click here for details on OM Zuiko Auto-T 100mm F/2.8.
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