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adaptation strategies for dual system use


TalkEmount Rookie
Dec 23, 2011
Rocky Mountains, Colorado
:) I dunno if adaptation is the right word...

I have a few CY lenses and a few OM lenses. I had them mostly Leitax converted to EOS. However, after picking up a NEX system I removed the Leitax mount to avoid using 2 adapters per lens on my NEX system. I planned to sell the Leitax kits.

Before I do that what I am wondering is... would it be better to keep using a high quality adapter like a Leitax for shooting on EOS and then use a high quality adapter to go from EOS to NEX, or is it better to keep the lens in it's native mount and use only use one adapter???

I did pick up a Novoflex adapter for my CY > NEX lenses, and I have to say I really like it.


Super Moderator
Oct 28, 2011
Washington State
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Do you plan to ever shoot the lenses on another EOS camera? If so, keep the Leitax adapters. If not, sell the Leitax and buy something else for the NEX.

That's what I'd do, YMMV. ;)

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