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COMPLETED A7rII body w/4 batteries, charger, box, docs, strap, L-bracket | $950 shipped in USA

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Brandon Jackson

TalkEmount Regular
Jun 25, 2020
Up for sale is my Sony A7rII. Bought new last year (when you could still by them new) and have used it as a headshot and street photography camera. Camera is in excellent shape and has 16,000 shutter actuations. Screen is in good condition and has had a screen protector on since day one and it is still on there. Sensor is clean.

Comes with the original box and manuals, battery charger, 4 Sony batteries, strap, cable attachment block, body cap, hot shoe cover, and also comes with a SmallRig L-bracket.

Only selling because I bought a second A7rIII body so now I have a pair of matched units. (much easier when swapping cameras during a shoot)

Asking $950.00 shipped in the CONUS. Located in Brentwood, TN


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Brandon Jackson

TalkEmount Regular
Jun 25, 2020

I'll start with the end. Image quality between the two cameras may have some difference but it must be very subtle as I really can't find any. I think if you shoot with the same lens, same conditions, your images will be nearly identical ( I won't say absolute cause, well I'm sure there's some tiny differences)

What I like about the A7rII and why I bought it (them):
This was my first foray into full frame mirrorless when I purchased a pair of A7rII's back in 2020. I had been shooting Olympus for the previous 5 years and then various APS-C cameras before that. It was becoming obvious that I was pushing the 20MP files from my Olympus cameras as far a I could when I started noticing noise and lack of detail at larger print sizes. Plus I was doing more full length images than headshots (and sports) and details in the faces were not holding up as well as I would like. I felt I needed to move up to a higher pixel count and a larger sensor.

I went with Sony because I a) wanted to stick with mirrorless as I like the workflow after using M43 for years and b) Sony had (and still has) the largest number of native lenses available for their mirrorless cameras.

I chose the A7rII as I could get two bodies for less than one A7rIV body. I didn't feel I needed the higher pixel count of the IV and I couldn't afford two A7rIII's at the time.

The A7rII is slightly smaller due to the smaller grip and consequently a smaller battery than the newer models. However, I always use the battery grip on the primary camera and rarely needed to swap in a third battery during a day of shooting. I also don't constantly review photos so I tend to stretch the battery like. I could easily get 700 photos pretty easily from one of the smaller batteries in many situations. That number was closer to 300 when using the camera tethered where it remains on for a couple of hours. This was usually in the studio or static location where changing batteries wasn't a problem.

So all was "good" with the A7rII. However...

I got the chance to do a little shooting with a friend's A7rIII and instantly was jealous of the full time eye-focus where the A7rII required pressing of a separate button. Plus, I could easily run into the camera's buffer when shooting continuous shots. I didn't do it often, but when I did I would have to wait.

The A7rIII definitely has a more "responsive" feel and the overall impression is that is is faster. Plus I like the additional button(s) and the thicker grip containing a larger battery. Image quality is still a toss up but being able to shoot faster when needed as well as being able to review sooner thanks to the speed is very nice. I haven't mentioned the dual card slots but that is a welcome update BUT I never had a card failure in the A7rII's. I think there are certain updates to video settings and options that might the III more compelling to video shooters. I'm more stills oriented so it wasn't a big deal to me.

So, is one better than the other? I honestly can't say I believe the III is better than the II as far as final still image quality. If one is a landscape shooter or other discipline where one doesn't need "speed" then the II is a great value and an excellent way to get into full frame mirrorless at a good price. I still (up until two days ago) used my II for my headshot sessions as it could easily keep up with the pace.

For shooting models and other types of portraits where I need to shoot more shots in a shorter time the III is definitely more capable and makes my life easier. Batteries do last a super long time in the III series camera.

There are certainly lots of other differences between these two but when actually shooting, the speed was really the only thing that I noticed.

I have been working for nearly a year with an A7rII and an A7rIII in my case and would often use both during a shoot where two cameras were required (or helpful I should say). However, when I managed to get a good deal on a used A7rIII recently and this was the main reason I decided to sell the II. It is nice also to be able to pick up either camera during a shoot and not have to re-adjust my brain to the button/capability differences. And yes, I almost always own two camera bodies for whatever system I shoot. I've also never had a body fail during a shoot but I'm certain the first time I only own one camera body will be the day my camera will quit :)

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