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A7iii wattage rating?


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Sep 20, 2018
Upcoming a7iii owner here and i have some questions about the type c port for charging. I read Sony's spec page and cannot find any wattage listed. I have a 67w laptop charger, 30w PD battery bank, and ShowBox 18w phone charger (all type c) Nox and want to make sure im using the right charger for the camera. I know Mobdro the 67w would probably charge fast and probably adjust to close to the correct W, but would like to know what's the wattage its supposed to take.
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Aug 12, 2014
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Well, the listed power sources would all provide more than needed amperage for USB-C battery charging. The camera is not going to draw more than required.
If you wish to find out about the input current to determine wattage requirements....I'd suggest looking up the specs of Sony's new external Z battery charger and power bank.
It can attach up to four (?) batteries for charging and managed discharging power bank and as an external power source.
Look for the rated amps coming out of the USB-C cable.


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Jan 9, 2021
the camera will not accept any more power through the C port than it would accept via micro port. It does not support PD and it will only slow charge the battery - in the neighborhood of 800 ma @ 5v. Also, it will only charge using the first port you plug in, either the micro or the C shareit get-vidmateapk.com

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