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Richard Crowe

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Sep 14, 2018
I posted a query regarding this earlier but, I was not very succinct in my explanation of the problem!

I use Adobe Bridge CC - Photo Downloader to transfer the files from my memory card to the computer. I always check the "CONVERT TO DNG" when I do the downloading. This works fine with the RAW files from my Sony A6500 camera but, not with the files from my A6400. The A6500 files open with a DNG suffix while the A6400 files keep the ARW suffix when opened despite checking the "CONVERT TO DNG" box.

I realize that the A6400 in a relatively new camera but, I am running Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 edition. I can convert the ARW files to DNG (after I have downloaded them) with the Adobe DNG Converter software. If that software can do the conversion, why isn't the latest Adobe Bridge CC Down Loader able to do the same thing.

My problem is that I rely heavily on NIK Software in my processing workflow. I access that software via the Photoshop Filter Menu. That doesn't work when I open the ARW suffix files, even when I open them and save them as a PSD or JPEG file...

Using the DNG Converter is a workaround and an extra step to slow down my workflow. I shot about 600 images yesterday and the DNG Converter took a long time in the conversion process. I was tired after a long days shoot but, needed to place some images online before I called it a day. WHAT A PITA!!!


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Sep 10, 2015
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I think you need to contact Adobe about this. A guess to part of the problem is that the downloader is calling upon a different shared library of code than the DNG converter. A fix might be as simple as copying a file from one location to another, but only Adobe could say for sure. Why NIK won't see the PSD/JPEG file is beyond me. That part should really have nothing to do with the camera as those formats are defined standards. Might have to contact DxO on that one.

In both cases you could check whatever communities or discussion forums might exist around those products.

It's really not Sony that is at "fault" here. It is Adobe and DxO.
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