a6000 peaking color question


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Dec 9, 2014
I downloaded some images from my a6000 to my computer and the hue was wrong on most of the batch. But the pics all look pretty normal on the camera's lcd screen. Used a Sigma 19mm Art lens. Peaking color was set to white. I changed the peaking color to yellow, and subsequent pictures look normal on the computer and on the camera lcd. I've done some googling but didn't discover the reason for the odd hue. Can anybody here explain? Thanks!

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Mar 28, 2019
As I understand things, focus peaking is for assisting the user's focus only. It does not impact any of the other camera settings. I believe the red/yellow/white choices give the user the ability to change the peaking color as needed, i.e. set to yellow or white if the predominant subject color is red. The picture's attributes will be the same whether focus peaking is off or on. Perhaps others can contribute as I do not know why the hue changed.


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Aug 12, 2014
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I agree, focus peaking does nothing to the actual shots. The color option is for user preference for highlighting contrast focus peaking.
Are you comparing your JPEGs or RAWs on the computer? RAWs will look slightly different than in-camera cooked JPEGs.
If you are looking at JPEGs, then be sure to check that your LCD screen output aren't overly brightened, or the JPEG picture profiles tweaked. Note, if DRO is enabled, the JPEGs will definitely not match the RAWs.

Note2: be sure to check that your monitor's color profile is set to sRGB, as well as the a6000.

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