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    Oct 31, 2014

    first, sorry for my bad english, im from Croatia. :)

    If you want to use cheap viewfinders/magnifiers from ebay that comes with magnetic mount, you will not be able to do this because every time you put
    magnifier on lcd, image will rotate for 180 degrees. Why?

    Beacuse lcd has some magnetic sensor inside that reacts to lcd tilt (sony made that for selfies) and then rotates the image when is tilted 180 degrees. Unfortunately, that sensor also reacts when you put the viewfinder on lcd.

    So i was crazy enough to disassemble the lcd on 3-weeks old a5100, and locate and remove that little thing.

    Here is picture of that litlle flex cabel with sensor that is really easy to remove.


    Now it works, only i dont have selfie preview anymore (i can always rotate my camera :))
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    Very brave on a new camera! Nice job sharing the info though :) Welcome aboard.