A couple questions on old Alpha mount lenses and LAEA2

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by Amamba, Aug 9, 2013.

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    So yesterday, I received an unexpected gift from a distant relative... a mint Konica Minolta 7D with two lenses - Tokina 28-80/2.8 and Sigma 12-24/4.5-5.6.

    Before that, I was kinda/sorta toying with an idea of getting an adapter and some old Maxxum glass for my Nex, but the size of the lenses put me off.. now that I have a couple lenses and the camera body to put them on (granted only 6.1MP but still should be good for most type of shots) this becomes almost a must.

    So, I have two questions.

    First, what AF lenses from film Minoltas are really good ? As I understand, the MD glass can not be used on A bodies, at least not with infinity focusing. I plan on using Nex as my main camera, still, so getting a Beercan, 50/1.7 and 35-70/4 Macro in AF versions is probably not going to happen unless I find them for a ridiculously low price - I already have them in MD. I need glass that I could use both on the Konica 7D and on Nex. Based on a quick web research, the Tokina is basically an OK lens, wide open, not as sharp as say Sigma 17-50/2.8. But Sigma 12-24 seems to be getting pretty good reviews. This covers the wide range - and that's what I am missing, my widest lenses for Nex are the 18-55 kit and Sigma 19.

    I don't yet want to invest in expensive more modern Sony Alpha glass, as I am not sure where I would progress from here, and don't want to drop over half a grand on a lens I may end up not using much.

    2nd, do I understand it right that LA-EA2 adaptor has it's own PDAF and so would provide fast AF even on the Nex bodies that only have CDAF, like F3 ? I don't mind paying extra $100 to get fast focusing, but I am a bit put off by size difference vs LA-EA1.
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    Correct, MD lenses cannot be used on A bodies, but with a $9.99 adapter, you can use an MD lens on your NEX. I do this and love the results from these old manual lenses.

    For lenses you can use on your 7D and your NEX, you will need either the LA-EA1 or LA-EA2 adapter. Yes, the LA-EA2 does give you PDAF and greatly increases your NEX's focus speed. But you do pay $100 more and it is a larger adapter. Here's what my NEX-3N looks like with the LA-EA2 and a 70-300mm AF lens attached:


    If you're looking for small, get the LA-EA1 if you can live with the CDAF focusing. Otherwise, I highly recommend the LA-EA2 for basically turning your mirrorless camera into a DSLR :)