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A 5n goes to the zoo


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Sep 14, 2012
Northeast Ohio
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All the photos are great! Was there any post processing done? Did you shoot raw or jpeg? I really may need to invest in that lens. That is the 55/210 correct?

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Aug 15, 2012
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I usually shoot in raw but I took some of these in jpeg because I was using continuous shooting and raw binds up the buffer. I was having trouble focusing on the animals as they moved about and I was getting jostled all the time with the huge crowds. (It's national day holiday in China for the week). So I was trying to spot focus ahead of their movement and fire off a bunch of shots. Lots of bad shots but a few were alright.

All of these were with the 55/210 except the last one of the iguana which was with the 50/1.8. I figured in the dark reptile enclosure, that would be better.

It was a hazy afternoon, raining lightly on and off and I was too heavy handed with the shutter speed so I ended up with high iso and some noise. This was the first time I was really using continuous shooting in a non-practice way. I'm usually more deliberate with the number of photos I take, trying to compose them, so I'm still making a lot of noob mistakes but it's great fun. It's been decades since I thought of going to a zoo as fun.

I used the Nik Dfine 2 plug-in in Aperture to reduce the noise and played with the brightness and contrast a little and some minor cropping. Someone had thrown a Pepsi can at the lion and it was directly in front of him so I cloned it out in Aperture.

I don't know how to use Photoshop and I've always felt a little intimidated by it with regards to the learning curve but Aperture and Nik software are pretty straight forward.

I do like that 55/210 very much but the 50/1.8 is my favourite. My next lens purchase will probably be the new 35/1.8 unless I decide to really save my rice money and get that Zeiss 24. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go on that big of a diet though.

Here's a couple more, first with the 55/210, and second with the 50/1.8




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Sep 25, 2011
Great shots. And good selections. You may have made some noob mistakes but you clearly know enough to not parade them in front of us.

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