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5N: Damaged USB port?


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Aug 28, 2012
Hi all,

New to this forum, I recently purchased a NEX 5N online. I've had it for a few days and am really enjoying it coming from a m43 background.

Anyway, I noticed yesterday that the mini USB port on the camera looked kinda weird, it seemed to be slightly angled/bent to one side ( the screen side). Usually based on my past electronic equiment, the USB port is always perfectly perpendicular. Anyway, I'm 100% positive I didn't accidentally bend it through connect/disconnect the cable as I'm very carefull when it comes to such things. The USB port still works fine and doesn't appear to be loose in anyway.

Since I bought it online, no shops sell this camera where I live for me to check out whether this is just how it is designed or whether I've got a dud/bad copy.

I've attached some photos of the port in question, appreciate if people could give me some feedback as to whether it looks normal or confirm if it is in fact manufactured defective copy.

Appreciate everyone's input.



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