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  1. WoodWorks

    Test Bokeh and shutter mode

    I've read that IBIS should be turned off when using the camera on a tripod. Which makes sense, given that it may introduce sensor shake. But what possible problem could EFCS introduce (other than at very high shutter speeds) when using the camera on a tripod?
  2. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    Yep! Yay! :th_salute: I hope it was an easy fix.
  3. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    Ah... the game’s afoot! 🔎
  4. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    OK, I logged out, did a hard reset on my iPhone, opened this site in Safari (without logging in), and I still get no response from the icons underneath anyone’s posts. This is confounding. :dash2:
  5. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    OK, I just downloaded and launched Chrome, then logged in here (I'm using Chrome to type this post). Same problem: I cannot get any response when I click on a "Like," "Agree," or any other forum icon underneath anyone's posts, including my own. Clearly Amin has it in for me. :cautious:
  6. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    I just tried that on my Mac. It didn't work. And since the problem is no different on my iPad and iPhone, I don't think there's much chance that trick will work on them either. And I don't want to clear the cache and have to re-login on all of the web sites I customarily visit. Very strange. I...
  7. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    Interesting. I'm on a Mac running the latest OS (10.14.6) using the latest version of Safari (12.1.2). But the same problem exists on my iPad Pro running the latest iOS. In any case, when I click on the icons (or numbers) at the bottom of my posts, nothing happens. :hmmm:
  8. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    Here's one: I used to be able to click on the "Like," "Agree," etc. icons at the bottom of my posts and see who it was that liked or agreed with (or laughed at) me. Now that function seems no longer available. Is there any way to restore that function?
  9. WoodWorks

    Not always scrolling to new posts

    It happens to me a lot too.
  10. WoodWorks

    Pic a day....

    It's not your eyes, AOA. I can juuuuuust barely make it out if I look at the full-sized image at 100%. But it's probably the closest moon (Io), right at the 3 o'clock position. You can see what looks like a bump on the surface of Jupiter, and the glare from the planet almost obscures it.
  11. WoodWorks

    Pic a day....

    Full frame from my A7RII & SEL70300G combo, showing Jupiter and four of its moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede & Callisto)
  12. WoodWorks


    My wife volunteers at the local shelter, and we’ve always had shelter dogs living with us. We’re on #5 & 6 now. There are always plenty of mature dogs in the shelter, surrendered for a variety of reasons, and we’ll probably take in a couple of them the next time we find ourselves dogless...
  13. WoodWorks

    Pic a day....

    Phantom Ship.jpg by David Wood, on Flickr
  14. WoodWorks

    Share your black and white photos

    Pinnacles.jpg by David Wood, on Flickr Pinnacles 2.jpg by David Wood, on Flickr
  15. WoodWorks

    FE 24-105 faults

    Mine too! Yay! 👏
  16. WoodWorks

    Temporary GAS relief...

    So far, neither the A7RIII nor the A7RIV have tempted me to replace my A7RII. I’d lose access to the built-in apps, for one thing. And I’d have to buy all new batteries. And the dynamic range of the newer R models isn’t noticeably better (to my eye) than what I have now. The better AF...
  17. WoodWorks

    Historic Roscoe Canal in Central Ohio

    The Interstate highway of its time.
  18. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    I like that. Seems a bit clearer than clicking on “Like” and then selecting the icon you intended to use.
  19. WoodWorks

    Tripod or not?

    I agree, the only time I bring a full-size tripod is when I have some specific shoot in mind. It’s not something I just “throw in the bag.”
  20. WoodWorks

    Tripod or not?

    Well, there are long exposures, of course. And situations where you may want to include yourself in a group shot. Focus stacking. Macros. When you’re feeling contemplative, and want to get the framing juuuuuust right. I bet there are others I can’t think of right now.
  21. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    I cant remember now, as I switch back and forth often. But I like the sticky bar.
  22. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    Um... yes. :laugh1:
  23. WoodWorks

    Tamron SP 35-80mm 01A

    I can see nothing to complain about in those. But in order to have any thoughts I’d want to see some shots that might stress the lens a bit: contrast... corner sharpness... bokeh quality... flare control... that sort of thing.
  24. WoodWorks

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    I don’t know if either of these features are available with this new software, but I miss: 1) While on the home page, being able to see at a glance whether there are any unread posts. The titles of unread posts used to be in bold type on the right sidebar, making it easy to see at a glance...
  25. WoodWorks

    Around the Great Basin

    I had checked the weather forecast, so I knew what I was heading into. And I did have that fancy new camera backpack with the built-in water bladder. And as long as you keep hydrating and moving, and you open up all the vents on your jacket, it’s almost tolerable. :laugh:
  26. WoodWorks

    Around the Great Basin

    No kidding. At one point I was duck-walking the bike for about 20 mins. past a construction zone on I-15, and the temp. gauge on my dashboard read 117°F/47.2°C. 🥵
  27. WoodWorks

    Around the Great Basin

    I had to go out to Salt Lake City last week, and decided to ride out there instead of flying or driving. And I brought along my A7RII with the Sony 24-105 f/4, Loxia 21 f/2.8 and Sony 35mm f/2.8. Even though the temperature got up over 110ºF/43.3ºC while I was out there, I still had a great...
  28. WoodWorks

    How about "Pilot Rock?" There are about a hundred of them scattered all over the western U.S. My...

    How about "Pilot Rock?" There are about a hundred of them scattered all over the western U.S. My guess is that Australia has a few of its own.
  29. WoodWorks

    Cancelled Adobe subscription

    It’s a good thing, Richard. It means you’re old enough to know better. :laugh:
  30. WoodWorks

    Random pics (other than E-mount)

    Right about there:
  31. WoodWorks

    Sigma FP Announced (full frame, smaller than A7)

    No EVF? No sale.
  32. WoodWorks

    Flickr .....

    Especially “free” ones. I use Flickr for photos that I want quick access to, for web posting, or for viewing on my phone. But I’ve never considered paying for their “service.” I’m sure they’re monetizing me somehow, but I can’t be worth much. :D
  33. WoodWorks

    Random pics (other than E-mount)

    This is the original railbed of the Transcontinental Railroad in northern Utah, completed in 1869. It was largely abandoned in 1908, when they built a causeway across the Great Salt Lake. And in 1942 they ripped out the rails and melted them down for the war effort. Now it’s about a hundred...
  34. WoodWorks

    Voigtlander Nokton 21mm/f1.4

    Yes, especially some Milky Way images. :popcorm2:
  35. WoodWorks

    Sony 35mm f1.8 confirmed?

    Meh. I'm keeping the f/2.8. And you all can feel free to mock me when I change my mind later. :laugh1:
  36. WoodWorks

    A6000 with Mamiya 28mm F3.5 lens

    Yes, nicely composed image, and :Welcome:.
  37. WoodWorks

    A6300 with Sony 24/1.8 Completely Auto and JPEG

    Unless you enjoy fiddling with dials. :D But getting those on auto-everything is pretty impressive.
  38. WoodWorks

    Jefferson, Texas

    No fan of watermarks here either, so this version is definitely better. Love the bus in that first shot.
  39. WoodWorks

    Pic a day....

    What is that place, Ad? And why does the roll-up door get the red carpet? :hmmm:
  40. WoodWorks

    Pic a day....

    Lavender.jpg by David Wood, on Flickr
  41. WoodWorks

    Pic a day....

    Battle Mountain.jpg by David Wood, on Flickr
  42. WoodWorks

    Glen Tanar

    Yes, especially the first two. :thumbsup:
  43. WoodWorks

    Sigma 30/1.4 DC

    You gotta give it to life, it’s persistent.
  44. WoodWorks

    When the skies are bright and the grounds are dark...

    Given the dynamic range latitude my A7RII's sensor provides, I haven't used a ND filter for at least a couple of years now. And I'm no fan of the HDR "look." My goal is almost always, as @pellicle mentions, to try to reproduce what my eyes saw. And since my camera still allows for the use of the...
  45. WoodWorks

    Pic a day....

    Last Rays.jpg by David Wood, on Flickr
  46. WoodWorks


    Are you kidding me? Those dogs would be gone from the shelter before you could get the pictures up on the web. And that 28-70 just shows them off.
  47. WoodWorks

    Sony FE 200-600

    I’ve read over on SAR that it goes to f/6.3 at 300mm. If I had unlimited funds, I’d be all over that lens. But I shoot wildlife maybe once a year when the bald eagles nest over in the Klamath Wildlife Refuge. So unless I suddenly uncover the funds for a safari in Botswana under my mattress...
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