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  1. freddytto

    Pic a day....

    hello, well i was so busy working in the office and doing some work at the house, so i took the nex5r and sel 35mm f1.8 for some shots, i hope share some more in these days,greetings to all..
  2. freddytto

    Pic a day....

  3. freddytto

    Pic a day....

  4. freddytto

    Pic a day....

    well, i'm using some filters of vsco films, this give a different touch, even you can do it if you use Lighroom, in the part of the histogram, in the tone curve, you can increase and obtain the key that you like, later in highlights and shadows, in split toning you can choose the tone that...
  5. freddytto

    Pic a day....

  6. freddytto

    Beach Mornings with the A7 and 16-35

    nice pics, love the sunset the #1 is amazing
  7. freddytto


    yeah, thank you very much for the comment, of course she's my wife, we got married a few years ago, to be exact 10 years ago and even now still fits her dress,when i saw her face i kissed, look so pretty like that day. she insisted to do a photo session at home and this the result, I love...
  8. freddytto


    many thanks for the feedback, in fact going to another wedding tomorrow. My friend pushed me to make some extra money, even if I feel a little nervous, I hope everything goes well.
  9. freddytto


    hi guys ¡¡¡ I hope everyone is well, however, at the request of some friends I shot some weddings here. Although I am not very good for weddings, because it is the first time i introduce myself in this world of wedding photography, all the shot i made was with the nex7 and kit 18-55mm, sel...
  10. freddytto

    Pic a day....

    DSC04093 by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr Nex5R and Minolta 50mm f1.4 ISO400 1/100 f14 used some preset of VSCO in Lr5
  11. freddytto

    Pic a day....

    Party in the Town, here in Mexico, near my town i visit a village , they celebrate the day of the Virgen del Carmen , people dance for three days in front and inside the church, many prehispanic dances around the plaza, its a mix between the spanish and prehispanic. culture
  12. freddytto

    How sharp is the Canon FDn 85mm f/1.2L?

    absolutly sharp. i like how this lens works, i see you used the maximun aperture , f.1.2 and i really love how turn out the portrait.
  13. freddytto

    Share your black and white photos

    Nex5R with the Industar 69 f/2.8 Street Portrait
  14. freddytto

    Pic a day....

    Portrait of María i used the nex5R and sel 35mm f1.8...
  15. freddytto

    A couple of days in Jakarta...

    Thanks man , yeah , i have some pics to show you guys¡¡¡ in mexico we have a lot work to do, but i'm back my friend ¡¡¡
  16. freddytto

    Minolta Rokkor-X MD 24/2.8

    I began use some minolta lenses a few years ago and those lenses worked perfectly with my nex5n, so sharp, good contrast. I own the 50mm f1.7 and 1.4, and 28mm f2.8, the lens is a rock.
  17. freddytto

    A couple of days in Jakarta...

    HI GUY'S¡¡¡ i Hope everybody is ok, well I want to thanks for these wonderful photos, all are amazing¡¡¡ vey nice....
  18. freddytto

    Featured Forum Thread: "Hello¡¡¡ now from Cuetzalan "the magic town" by freddytto

    thank you very much friends, you guys do not know how anxious i was to return, I hope to share more photos, I'll be closer to the forum, right now have so many projects on my way but i'll be here. greeting to all .
  19. freddytto

    Featured Forum Thread: "Hello¡¡¡ now from Cuetzalan "the magic town" by freddytto

    <a href="" title="untitled by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr">"1024" height="679" alt="untitled"></a> nex5R -Sel50 mm f1.8 f2.2 ISO 400 1/100s <a href="" title="Cortando cafe by Freddytto...
  20. freddytto

    Featured Forum Thread: Karawanks by scinnk

    wow superb scenery, very beautiful pictures congratulations :)
  21. freddytto

    My A7 story :D

    Great pics, Rafa just enjoy your new camera and keep the same work, great !!!!
  22. freddytto

    Fun with Adapted Lenses (Image Thread)

    Congrats, Nice set and it is a smart thing to do :), Well done
  23. freddytto

    Macro Action Shot

    nice macro Colin :)
  24. freddytto

    Show: Motorcycles

    I had not noticed, but if I put that same face when I ask for a bike,i guess for scooter is good choice for me lol
  25. freddytto

    Pic a day....

    Nex7- Industar-69 28mm f2.8 NEX 7 - Industar 69 f/2.8 28mm by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr
  26. freddytto

    Industar 69 f2.8

    Again here some shots with this little lens, I've been playing with it. Hope you like, it is preferable to use for photography in B / W since the purple halo, sometimes you need a more extensive PP. I love this little pancake, its compact size is ideal for walking around there in the bag, the...
  27. freddytto

    Show: Motorcycles

    nex7 and 18-55mm
  28. freddytto

    Show: Motorcycles

    Nex5R -Zuiko 28mm f3.5
  29. freddytto

    Pic a day....

    nex7 and sel35mmf1.8
  30. freddytto

    C/Y NEX speedbooster images

    welcome and congrats nice photos
  31. freddytto


    Amazing shots, the sunset is so nice, We want to go to Havana for our wedding anniversary, eleven we've seen your photos I will not hesitate to go, many thanks for sahre with us and Welcome
  32. freddytto

    Summertime! Pic-of-the-day.

    well today was playing with the nex7 and Industar 69 mm f2.8 28mm
  33. freddytto

    My Best Macro Shots

    amazing shots, love all them, good job my friend
  34. freddytto

    Nex7 and Jupiter-8 50mm f2.0

    Ever since I started with the fever of the mirrorless,NEX, I become addicted to legacy glass, have bought and sold many lenses but certainly the Russian lenses have fascinated me so much, maybe it will be by the compact size once used the adapter and mounted in my NEX7 but equally strongly...
  35. freddytto


    wow nice shot, love the last one of the firts set, those landscape are amazing.
  36. freddytto

    Sel 35mm f/1.8 OSS Samples (Nex-7)

    welcome nice shots, i have the same lens and i love it
  37. freddytto

    Love the SEL35 So Far

    I agree is an enlarged lens Sel love my 35mm f1.8 in low light conditions works excellent. It is excellent for street photography, I have the ideal focal length.
  38. freddytto

    Coimbra - Portugal

    very good pictures, excellent Rafa
  39. freddytto

    It has been fun chatting with you folks

    Come on tony, do the same trick that Colin uses, I do the same and my wife is happy too as I test the lenses, she does with shoes thought I was the only one. I have the Soligor 300mm f3.5 is a very large and heavy lens but offers a good Bukeh soft and very sharp.
  40. freddytto


    yes I agree superb pics, love those wildlife shots. :2thumbs:
  41. freddytto

    Funny Stuff Here

  42. freddytto

    Sister on local tv again

    nice pics Kev, she's really good and beautiful. Well done mate.
  43. freddytto

    Green and Leafy Archway

    nice shot.
  44. freddytto

    Hello, beautiful!

    it certainly was a good buy, excellent price, congratulations and welcome too,I leave this link where you can find more information of this lens, Rokkor plus some photos. regards
  45. freddytto

    Smoke gets in your eyes

    the memories come from Mexico City, D.F. :(
  46. freddytto

    A real world NEX 3N user review

    thanks Claire, did an excellent job there, well would be a good guideline for those enthusiasts who want to start on any NEX. Anyway you're a good photographer, I think is NOT the camera, is the photographer heeee ... thanks for sharing. Love thos pics on your blog. Greeting
  47. freddytto

    Summertime! Pic-of-the-day.

    Nice shots, love the firts shot with the Minolta, the colors are really nice :), that's why love the rokkor. Sent from my iPhone using TalkNEX mobile app
  48. freddytto

    Have anyone have bought something before on

    the majority of the time when I go to buy there, spend the time using some lenses and cameras, in the past order a tripod in the afternoon and the next day I found at my door, fast shipping so Don what you need? :P Sent from my iPhone using TalkNEX mobile app
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