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    Looking pretty

  2. Phoenix

    Help brainstorm about a new name for TalkNEX or SonyCameraCommunity (SCC?)- if you are opening it up to other Sony Cameras SonyILC, EVILSony - just a play on anagrams for mirrorless Sony-E - maybe something short for sony emount systems E-Crowd, Nex society, Gen-Nex.......ok...too drunk..passing out now.
  3. Phoenix

    FredMiranda sucks..all freakin know it all snobs

    While not actively participating in the discussion there, I do go there from time to time to read the discussions, and yes there are a lot of people there who are...well...let's just say that they are 'very opinionated', however the same can be said with other places like DPreview, some of the...
  4. Phoenix

    Voigtlander Nokton 50mm 1.1

    Hi and welcome Thanks for the links, you've got some very nice shots. Yes I agree, it's a specialised lens, the focal length and the speed makes it an ideal lens for portraiture.
  5. Phoenix

    Autumn 2013 foliage

    Nice rich colour.
  6. Phoenix

    Hello, beautiful!

    One of the best lens Minolta has ever produced, definitely one of the sharpest, I can only think of the 40mm f2 being sharper and losing a stop. Definitely cannot argue with the condition and price, Great find :thumbup:
  7. Phoenix

    Hello from Southeast Pa

    Hi and welcome Darren
  8. Phoenix

    aussie noob.

    Hi and welcome from the South of the border :biggrin:
  9. Phoenix

    Help me spend some money :-)

    I'd go with the 1st one Poki suggests, alternatively, if you can hold on with the gift cards burning a hole on your wallet I'll probably add wait for a couple of months and you may see a new NEX body, Sony's has a short product cycle (about a year) NEX-3 2010, NEX-5 2010, NEX-C3 2011, NEX-5N...
  10. Phoenix

    Diseases that plague photographers

    I'm taking notes :cool:
  11. Phoenix

    Diseases that plague photographers

    I don't mean to promote bad habits, please feel free to delete this post if necessary, but I find it easier to say sorry after buying something than asking permission :evilsmile: *Disclaimer: You must also be prepared to sleep on the couch for weeks, eat all the foods you hate for weeks, and...
  12. Phoenix

    Diseases that plague photographers

    hahaha!! :rofl:
  13. Phoenix

    Diseases that plague photographers

    That's cool, that makes you more of a collector and a connoisseur :biggrin:
  14. Phoenix

    Diseases that plague photographers

    To be fair though photography is a hobby that closely parallels the love for gear, technology etc.. I guess it's fine as long as you don't go over board. IMHO, when you start liking the photos that you shoot you will find yourself getting less affected by the "plague". There was a time when I...
  15. Phoenix

    New beginnings, from Nikon to NEX. Maybe!!!

    Hi and welcome Nowadays mirrorless are providing high quality photos without the added bulk. I'm sure one of the guys will be able to help you decide.
  16. Phoenix

    Wrapped Nex-7

    This looks awesome, it looks like a $7000 Hasselblad Lunar.
  17. Phoenix

    The New Member of the Family

  18. Phoenix

    Intellectual property

    I'll add my 2 cents based on something that happened to me recently. I'm just an amateur photographer and I don't take photos for a living, now and then people commission me to take photos for them and I am given a small fee but I still consider myself just a hobbyist who's hobby now and then...
  19. Phoenix

    Featured Forum Thread: 'Just Another Night Landscape'

    Thats a fantastic image
  20. Phoenix

    Tri-X film OMG!!

    You can almost get the same effect on Fujifilm's Velvia, but yeah I'd still prefer the Kodachrome myself if it was still available.
  21. Phoenix

    Tri-X film OMG!!

    There was a time in my life where all I shot was either in Tri-X or Kodachrome
  22. Phoenix


    Hi and welcome
  23. Phoenix

    A Night Out

    Harbin - My stepmum and step sisters are from there.
  24. Phoenix

    Best low light lens?

    This is just IMHO As far as lenses go the general rule of thumb is the faster it goes the better it performs in low light e.g. f2, f1.9 – f1.1, and the hyperfocal lenses which go sub f1.0. however some concessions also has to be made regarding other factors that can make you shoot effectively...
  25. Phoenix

    Focus peaking challenge

    If you shoot RAW or RAW + Jpg, one way I used to shoot using legacy glass was exactly what Freddytto suggested. Set the camera to shoot B+W, and the peaking color high and red. Everything in your screen will be B+W (which shouldn't matter since you are shooting RAW anyways) and the red peaking...
  26. Phoenix

    Newb from Fort Worth Tx

    Hi and welcome :Welcome:
  27. Phoenix

    Some of my favorite NEX-7 shots

    Hi and welcome Rey Excellent shots
  28. Phoenix

    Amin - Just a thought

    Awww...Hehehehe :biggrin:
  29. Phoenix

    Amin - Just a thought

    Maybe a frequent forum points with a Leica Monochrom and a Noctilux 0.95 as a prize :biggrin-new:
  30. Phoenix

    Amin - Just a thought

    I thought Serious Compacts was the centralised hub for all of the forums, it has sub-sections for MU-43, Sony NEX, Fuji, Leica, Pentax, Samsung, etc.. The original initiating members were also the same initiating members for MU-43, TalkNex, FujiXspot and LeicaPlace and have made these places the...
  31. Phoenix

    Howdy from Houston!

    Hi and welcome Those are excellent shots!
  32. Phoenix

    One Man's Trash

    Divine providence I'd say :2thumbs:
  33. Phoenix

    Has this happened to you?

    I concur with Markus, have a play around the 5R and see if it's for you. I'll probably add that you also need to look at what you plan to shoot and how you shoot. Is size a big factor for you? You mentioned that you found the A65 big though you like the image quality, you can have a look...
  34. Phoenix

    another around town hike

    Great fence B+W
  35. Phoenix

    Lense for Mission Field trip?

    I'd shoot with both :biggrin:
  36. Phoenix

    Fujifilm X100s First Thoughts

    I agree with Ray, I also believe that it is why most reviewers advise to have a good play with X cameras before going ahead in purchasing one as there is a steep learning curve involved if one is used to using point and shoots and DSLR cameras, for these cameras operate on a WYSIWYG system and...
  37. Phoenix

    Fujifilm X100s First Thoughts

    That's pretty much the same with all cameras that doesn't focus ttl, e.g. Leica rangefinders, Epson RD-1, Contax G2, Fuji X, etc.. because the OVF is only used for framing the shot while focusing is done separately through the lens. You will find that this will not occur if you shoot the...
  38. Phoenix

    Fujifilm X100s First Thoughts

    That's when the OVF compensates with the lens parallax error.
  39. Phoenix


    Barbie and a Corona, you've got it made.
  40. Phoenix

    Newbie from France

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  41. Phoenix

    Happy Couple on St. Patricks Day

    Someone is going to have a rotten St. Paddy's when they get home.
  42. Phoenix

    B&W Baby

    Hi and welcome Like you I like working with B+W. Beautiful shot.
  43. Phoenix

    Goldenrod, (my car) 70-150mm Vivitar and F3

    I'd also go for the second sepia shot.
  44. Phoenix

    The musician in - Broadway Color or B&W?

    Likewise, funnily enough as I usually prefer B+W.
  45. Phoenix

    Full Frame NEX going to be freakin' expensive!!

    That actually makes a lot of sense, although using a longer registration distance while alleviating issues with UWA lenses will increase camera size, the RX1 has a small compact body due to the lens being fixed and Sony doesn't have to worry about UWA lenses mounted to it, then again we're...
  46. Phoenix

    Capturing the newborn. Which lens and why?

    I think the 18-55 kit has OSS as well.
  47. Phoenix

    Full Frame NEX going to be freakin' expensive!!

    Bit too rich for my blood I'd say. In some ways the rumour does make sense. - It's going to be a FF MILC, that in itself will command a high premium. - Whether it's going to be the successor to the NEX-7 or separate line up altogether (Sony could release a Nex-7N or NEX-7R, etc..) either way...
  48. Phoenix

    Greetings from Vancouver BC

    Hi and welcome.
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