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  1. albacor

    Trip to snow-storm time

    Not specially.
  2. albacor

    Trip to snow-storm time

    Temperature:-24 C, the strong side wind, blizzard. In way all night long, speed no more 80km/h. With boredom I photographed. Camera nex-3n + selp1650 98764 DSC09853d DSC09909d
  3. albacor

    The road to the Black Sea

    Last year's trip on rest. The road has taken the whole days, with one small stop therefore that as that to entertain itself photographed via the open hatch. Generally on a kit
  4. albacor

    Showcase Sony E 30mm f/3.5 Macro

    addieleman, thank you! I will not mind if someone wants to use this image. Mus Aziz, thank you, this lens was my favorite last summer on my camera. So I probably will come with him to publish the pictures.
  5. albacor

    Showcase Nikon 105mm f2.5

    Nikon Nikkor-P 105 2.5 non-Ai (5l/3g)
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