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  1. storyteller

    A7 firmware update screwed up the camera HEEEEELP !

    Well, good news. I tried the update on an older (2009) Mac Pro and it worked! I have NO idea what minor difference did the trick. Both computers were running the same OS but the older Mac has only USB 2.0 ports whereas the newer Pro and Air I tried previously use USB 3.0. Whatever. Sony A7 is...
  2. storyteller

    A7 firmware update screwed up the camera HEEEEELP !

    thanks! Were you updating the A7 or a newer camera? The A7 update is from 2015 I believe.
  3. storyteller

    New guy/First FF Camera/Mirrorless Fanboy

    If you're using a 1st gen A7R then AF-C isn't going to help, in fact it may make the focus speed worse. At least that was my experience using the 1st gen A7 and A7S (which has faster AF than the A7R).
  4. storyteller

    A7 firmware update screwed up the camera HEEEEELP !

    I haven't retried (after the first half dozen times) but this isn't the first firmware update I've done on my Sony cameras. In the past I haven't had issues like this and I'm not sure what's different. I read somewhere that Mac OS Seirra mucks with the installer. Has anyone successfully used...
  5. storyteller

    Tethering with Sony A9 - Help

    Is there a reason you don't want to trigger the shutter from Capture One? You go into the Capture Menu that should be an option (haven't tethered the A9 yet). If you just want the files perhaps using the ethernet port & FTP while triggering via the USB port would be a better option?
  6. storyteller

    A7 firmware update screwed up the camera HEEEEELP !

    Any luck resolving this? I've got an A7 doing the same thing. Finally got around to updating my A7 and after the update failed I can't get it complete.
  7. storyteller

    Wierd Black line on some HSS pics

    Would be nice if Sony had an option to auto disable/enable EFCS during these scenarios.
  8. storyteller

    Cat's eye bokeh on A7RII

    As others have pointed out it is a fairly universal issue. The GM handles it better than most but I recall seeing it even on the vaunted Otis. A really strange suggestion, and one that shouldn't make sense but sometimes does, if you're shooting wide open and your shutter speed goes above...
  9. storyteller

    Zeiss lenses

    Haven't checked in a while but year ago or so the G 21mm in good condition was going for close to the price of a used Touit lens (although they aren't the same focal length) which is also REAL Zeiss and has AF for APS-C cameras.
  10. storyteller

    Sony A7Rii Weather Resistance being challenged.

    Look without getting into the right or wrong of this thread l just want to point out that humidity is bad for ALL electronics as I've learned the hard way last week. If you're in an environment that is much over 50% humidity you really should be storing your gear in container with a desiccant...
  11. storyteller

    Does a 50mm distort in crop frame mode?

    I now have a Batis 85mm (honestly wish it were 100/105mm, 85 & 55 are bit too close IMHO but I love them both and couldn't give either up) and the Zeiss 55mm. Before I got the Batis I used the 55mm like you're suggesting and it worked fine. Haven't done extensive comparisons but if there's a...
  12. storyteller

    Azores - 2

    So jealous. I want to go to there. Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  13. storyteller

    Worth switching from FE28mm to Sigma 30mm F1.4

    I think it also depends on how good your copy of the 28mm is. My current copy is pretty excellent and the center sharpness doesn't seem much behind my 55. My first copy not so much. Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  14. storyteller

    Like a sheep led to the slaughter - Anxiety caught on me

    I did a reception indoors. It isn't an ideal setting for the A7 as AF speed drops off quick in dim light. I did have time in the space to test exposures and set up some flashes. Your buddies Canon flashes will work (or should work) in manual mode on the A7 but if you aren't comfortable with...
  15. storyteller

    Godox V860IIS vs Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 question

    The R2 and the V860II are the same flash with different branding. So if you want it fast the V860 might be the way to go. That said the Flashpoint is supported by Adorama and is usually more expensive. If it was me and I *could* wait, I'd get the R2 just for the warranty. That it's cheaper is a...
  16. storyteller

    Is it true that A7ii produces lossy RAW files?

    Sure there is. Storage on computers is cheap but data on your camera comes at a price of speed and power. Especially since Sony has opted to keep the same SD card interface it seems since the NEX-5N. Uncompressed RAW files are twice the size and except for a very, very few circumstances you...
  17. storyteller

    Godox TT685s and AD600TTL with Sony A7RII

    Let us know how it works and share some pictures of the results! Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  18. storyteller

    Godox TT685s and AD600TTL with Sony A7RII

    Not sure about the Nikon X1 trigger but I suspect if you put it in single pin firing mode it will do fine. Likewise the XTR-16 and ... Other newer trigger I forgot the name of, are manual only and will work with any camera having an ISO hotshoe. Look them up on the Godox website. Sent from my...
  19. storyteller

    Hss trigger for Monoblock light?

    My understanding is that you need a specific light for HSS. There are similar shutter speed work arounds like hyper sync that work with moonlights that have a longer duration but I'm unfamiliar with the system generally. If you're looking for new lights I've had a lot of success with the Godox...
  20. storyteller

    How you deal with photo 'zealots'?

    My first DSLR was a CCD Pentax and it also took great low ISO pictures—albeit with much less dynamic range. I'm not saying that CCDs are bad just that there is no quantifiable advantage to them anymore. Certainly not an old model like the D200. He seems like a true believer to be touting not...
  21. storyteller

    How would you setup a couple of umbrellas for this particular setup ?

    Ha! I just realized how old this post was. How did it turn out? Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  22. storyteller

    85 /90 mm fe or adapted?

    Honestly as much as I loved my Contax 90mm I don't regret getting the Batis despite the hefty price. The speed, build quality, and IQ are outstanding. May be confirmation bias but no regrets. Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  23. storyteller

    Really struggling on next computer purchase (Mac)

    The problem with that approach is that Apple has now made all the laptops non-upgrade able. RAM and disk size are important. On top of their usual premium their upgrade costs are outrageous. If the OP wants to stick close to $1k I'd go older too. Check OWC, they've got some good refurb deals...
  24. storyteller

    How you deal with photo 'zealots'?

    Wait...what? Anybody who honestly believes a D200 (which is 7? 8? years old) is going to magically make pictures better is not someone reasonable or well informed. Possibly someone steeped in the "magic" of CCD sensors (I believe the D200 was one of the last Nikon CCD cameras) vs CMOS. You...
  25. storyteller

    How would you setup a couple of umbrellas for this particular setup ?

    I agree with Soeren's suggestion. Important to light the backdrop and push your power to where you can kill the ambient. I don't think you'll want those fluorescents showing up in he shot. Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  26. storyteller

    Stroboscopic Silliness

    I was two gelled TT850 strobes with an X1 trigger on camera. The gels were too close in color and next time I'll zoom the flash heads out a bit more. Wish you could do that remotely with the Godox system. Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  27. storyteller

    Southern Maryland

    2016-MemorialDay-DSC05052-SONY-ILCE-7 by joel richards, on Flickr 2016-MemorialDay-DSC05031-SONY-ILCE-7 1 by joel richards, on Flickr 2016-MemorialDay-DSC05019-SONY-ILCE-7 by joel richards, on Flickr 2016-MemorialDay-DSC05003-SONY-ILCE-7 by joel richards, on Flickr...
  28. storyteller

    Stroboscopic Silliness

    After "faking" a stroboscopic effect last year as part of my 365 project, I always meant to try it again when I got better strobes. Then I was inspired last week by another photographer to get out my fancy Godox strobes and give it another go. Unfortunately, for once, my go to model wouldn't...
  29. storyteller

    Godox TT685s and AD600TTL with Sony A7RII

    Happy to contribute to one here but I'm not sure the strobist community is strong on this forum.
  30. storyteller

    NYC trip: 28 and 35mm sufficient?

    I would agree with the others that 28 & 35 seem very close but if that's what you're used to shooting with then I assume you've got a reason! Personally I'd take the 28 & 55. The 55 is a great lens but if you're used to something wider it can take a bit to get used to it. It is neither wide nor...
  31. storyteller

    A light, small, versatile prime kit

    That kind of makes me miss my old Contax G trio they were so compact and light. My current trio is a bit longer (28, 55, 85) and all AF which means they're a bit bigger and barely fit in my side bag. I do wish the Batis 85 was a 105 because 55 and 85 is a bit too close. Sent from my iPad...
  32. storyteller

    Showcase Voigtlander Color Skopar 25mm f/4

    Cover glass and deep sensor wells. The Loxia Biogon and the recent CV 15 give me hope that some of these designs can be updated without making them dramatically bigger Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  33. storyteller

    Here are some article on Speedliting with A7 that I've written...

    Good to know. I agree that Godox is really leading the market not just in product quality (which is competitive if not always the best) but in completeness across the range. Pretty amazing that you can use small speed lights and 600Ws strobes.
  34. storyteller

    Zenitar 50mm 0.95 E

    Pretty good! Bokeh looks busy for my taste but I'm still very curious to see what the production models will do. Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  35. storyteller

    Zenitar 50mm 0.95 E

    Wow. Looks very interesting and great for consumers to have so much competition in the ridiculously-fast-fifty department. One question: is that ~500 what? Euros? USD? Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  36. storyteller

    Here are some article on Speedliting with A7 that I've written...

    Ugh still waiting on my TT685 and trigger. Seems the first "sellers" we're the last to actually get stock. The XT receivers are widely available (in the USA). I also finally got and XT-16 trigger as my new backup. Never had a problem with the old system but I'll be selling the the triggers and...
  37. storyteller

    Sony FE28/2....... great little lens!

    Yeah, if you've got a good copy (and it looks like you do) the distortion is severe but simple so if you let the camera/computer correct it, it isn't a problem. You lose a little overall sharpness but the lens is so sharp anyway I haven't noticed any issues in real world shooting.
  38. storyteller

    Canon's EF-M 11-22 Ultrawide Zoom: Too Good To Pass Up

    I think part of the appeal would be the 10-18 cover full frame for part of its range. Don't have one myself but considered it for a while. Sent from my iPad using TalkEmount mobile app
  39. storyteller

    Showcase Sony FE 28mm f/2.0

    Just some quick snaps with the FE28 on an original A7. Took my (very active) 1.5 year-old daughter to a local street fair/food truck expo yesterday. She's a lot of fun but makes it difficult to take pictures of anything unless she's the subject. These are all cropped and processed to taste...
  40. storyteller

    Here are some article on Speedliting with A7 that I've written...

    Perhaps what MAubrey meant was that you need a TTL enabled trigger in order to use HSS which is true (as far as I know). The Pixel Kings also worked with the Godox system (you could use them to trigger the FT-16 and it would accurately fire a strobe in H mode). However, you don't need to use the...
  41. storyteller

    Looking for good 4K out of camera (non-slog2 based) video settings for A7Rii...

    If you're talking about picture profiles I believe Philip Bloom and Dave Dugdale (among others) have done comparisons. The Picture Profiles are essentially the same as the A7S so look for info there as well. The big difference is that the A7R2 shoots 4k.
  42. storyteller

    Here are some article on Speedliting with A7 that I've written...

    My understanding Robbie is that the new X system won't turn HSS wirelessly but if it is manually enabled on the flash it will work. I've got my X receivers and a transmitter on order but nothing yet. Personally I wish they'd gone for more of an Odin style transmitter with a larger screen and...
  43. storyteller

    Post your selfies, an understanding (or not) of who we are.

    Day 118 — Mini Me by joel richards, on Flickr
  44. storyteller

    How a 2-year old boy kicked my butt.

    Brought back memories of trying to take "portraits" of a boy about that age with my old, slow-focusing K100D DSLR. His parents were producers for a show I was working on at the time (no pressure!). Luckily the mother had no illusions about props and wanted something that captured his . . ...
  45. storyteller

    Showcase Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8

    Finally got my Batis 85mm in but I haven't had chance to really put it through its paces. Did take a few quick snaps with my daughter at the park yesterday. Hoping once my current projects are wrapped up in a week or two I can schedule some portrait sessions. First impressions: Pros: very...
  46. storyteller

    New A6300

    And concise. Some photo-youtubers can't seem to make a video shorter than 20 minutes to save their life.
  47. storyteller

    Greentoe - it may work, but be careful and plan ahead

    Well, I'm happy to report that despite some communication troubles Greentoe (and their partner) came through and replaced the faulty FE28mm. Which is great because I didn't want to deal with a refund and rebuying it. There are still some kinks but i'd be willing to try it again.
  48. storyteller

    From Sony FE 16-35mm F4 to Tamron 15-30mm F2.8 (LAEA3)..anyone has the Tamron with A7Rii? 4 hours a

    Good point but with the Canon or Nikon version you could put the filters inbetween the lens and the camera.
  49. storyteller

    A7r - The reason all the new FE lenses are too big.

    Testing has also shown that the relatively thick sensor glass also causes problem but perhaps this is less of a big deal if designers take it into account.
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