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    Showcase Sony E 30mm f/3.5 Macro

    If you have this lens do please show your pics, I have been interested in the 30mm for some time now, but hadn't realised it was now on sale.
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    Show Photos with high ISO

    I've never been 'one' for using high ISO on any camera but I don't like Flash it 'drains' the colour unless set up correctly. Am pleased with these first efforts with this camera at high ISO..hopefully more to come.
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    Show Photos with high ISO

    URC Huyton by penipics, on Flickr ISO 3200 pncake lens lightened in LR3
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    Show Photos with high ISO

    URC Huyton by penipics, on Flickr ISO 1600 pancake lens available lighting dull outside
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    Show Photos with high ISO

    URC Huyton by penipics, on Flickr Iso 3200 NEX 5 pancake lens developed in LR 3 taken in church lighting (changed the Code re above question)
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    Show Photos with high ISO

    I have tried three times to upload from flickr two different pics, I am unable to preview before posting...I'm using the same method that I have always used what am I doing wrong?
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    Thinking about switching from S95 to NEX-5N

    If funds are short then I can understand someone thinking of selling their S90/95 I own both the S95 and the NEX 5 and its a bit like 'horses for courses' both have their place the tiny S95 is a great go everywhere camera the NEX 5 with its articulated LCD is brilliant for street photography...
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    Fujifilm X10

    I think the X10 will be good competition for the likes of the Canon S95 and the Oly XZ-1 and probably the Nikon P7000 which doesn't get a good write anyway and of course the canon G12. I wish I had know about this cam: before I bought the Oly, all that said I love my NEX 5 and its articulated...
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    Given the price, is the NEX-7 really a viable option

    Just read in the AP (UK) mag this week that the expected price here will be £1000.body and £1100 with black kit lens in the UK, the mag will do a reveiw next weeks issue. Seems expensive but look at the price of the DSLR's not the entry models I expect the NEX 7 to be far better than them...
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    Will You Keep your NEX 5 once the new 5N and NEX 7 are out?

    I doubt that I will sell my NEX 5 I just love doubtful whether I personally would buy the '7' because it is a bit larger than the '5' but for some who have bigger hands that wouldn't be a problem. As to the '5N' or C3 don't see the point of me spending money on either of them, I don't...
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    The Nex Street Thread

    <a href="" title="Prescot market day by penipics, on Flickr">"1024" height="665" alt="Prescot market day"></a>
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    The Nex Street Thread

    <a href="" title="DSC00473 by penipics, on Flickr">"1024" height="619" alt="DSC00473"></a>
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    Amateur photographer magazine

    I read that article macjim but am puzzled why 'they' didn't use/wait for the new NEX 7 for comparisons, I suspect the results would have been rather different?
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    To viewfind or not....?

    Having spent a few hours at a beach Crosby Merseyside I took a few shots almost 'blind' because the light on the LCD made it go almost black; it was a case of point the camera and hope for the best...fortunately most turned out reasonble much to my surprise. If I'd had a viewfinder I would have...
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    It's Here! - Sort of

    Olli You say " Right now the NEX-7 is being offered body only or with the current 18-55 kit lens." Well that answers a question I asked yesterday on an other thread; to encourage NEX owners to upgrade to what I must say 'looks' a bit of a monster with super spec: the option of Body only...
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    'NEX-C3 Review'

    A thought has crossed my mind..will any of the New NEX cameras be available as body only? So far I haven't seen any even on the existing NEX 3 or 5. If 'we' have to buy the NEX 7 in particular with a kit lens or perhaps a 16mm lens how many will already have these particular lens? I have the...
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    To viewfind or not....?

    There is another issue that as I have got older and need glasses the LCD is a better option than trying use a viewfinder; that said I think I would prefer a VF for micro work...I wait with baited breath as to what will become available in that department.....
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    New leaked NEX-5N image with optional external EVF

    Travisennis said "It is disappointing that it won't be compatible with any other NEX besides the 5N." Isn't this typical of most camera manufactures to get 'us' to they not know there's a world recession virtually upon us?
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    The Nex Street Thread

    Thanks for that Delhaye I have just ordered a 16mm I twiddled my thumbs over the decision and found the price had gone up by £10 by the time I ordered..and that was in the space of 24hours!
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    NEX oversaturation

    Since changing to RAW my pictures look (to my old eyes) much more vibrant and contrasty. I didn't realise there would be such difference from Jpegs and its much more fun using RAW, I almost feel like a proper photographer:rolleyes:
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    Raw files

    I've bought an Olympus XZ-1 two weeks ago and LR 3 doesn't support that yet and I'm just starting to use RAW!
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    New Sony NEX-7 Images Leaked by Photo Rumors

    I love my articulated LCD on my NEX 5; however maybe if there isn't one on the new NEX-7 perhaps Sony thought that by including a viewfinder (I'm old fashioned) there wouldn't be any need for a articulated LCD; however I think that if it has been omitted they will have lost many customers who...
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    Cheers BB maybe you will get 'won over':rolleyes:
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    Showcase Sony E 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

    This is the only lens I have at present which means any 'pics' posted on this site are taken with it, perhaps when 'posting' more information could be added to the bottom of the pics? I like to know what camera and any technical: details there are.
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    Show what your adapted lens looks like on your Sony E-mount camera

    Havn't a clue what it is but it reminds me of the Old film Olympus Trip camera which I owned in a bye-gone-age:eek:
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    Hi Heather glad to 'see' you join this site too. I wondered if you and more of the SC Sony users would join even if its only occasionally.
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    Rumored NEX-7 and NEX-5N Specifications

    Re: NEX7 I thought that the ISO limit of 16000 was a misprint On a previous thread Amin you mentioned as to whether the LCD would be articulated this may not be practical due to it being a 'touchscreen' I seem to get my LCD's marked generally with my fingers so what a touchscreen would be...
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    FAQ: Uploading photos, profile pictures, signatures, and avatars

    Ah thats what you meant I didn't'll be a long time till I reach 500 posts...
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    FAQ: Uploading photos, profile pictures, signatures, and avatars

    Sorry Amin to be pest but I've tried the Edit Avatar to insert along side my 'posts' there does not seem to be a way of selecting a new Avatar to upload.
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    The Nex Street Thread

    <a href="" title="Its Bad! by penipics, on Flickr">"640" height="599" alt="Its Bad!"></a> Its awful wet :eek: 400 ISO f10 50m
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    Should we have a "Thanks" button here?

    I agree a thanks button as on Serious Compacts is both helpful and courteous.
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    Old Buildings

    <a href="" title="Old Tate &amp; Lyle Liverpool by penipics, on Flickr">"640" height="379" alt="Old Tate &amp; Lyle Liverpool"></a> NEX5 kit lens f10 18mm. This is the old Tate & Lyle sugar refinery no longer in use there are newer Tanks...
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    Old Buildings

    Thanks Amin I thought there was or wasn't doing correctly.
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    Old Buildings

    Help! I can't post pics....
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    Old Buildings

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    The Nex Street Thread

    These look great to me; I have been considering the 16mm lens to try street photography also..Thanks Don.
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