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    adapter model number

    O.K. newbie question of the day. What adapter do I need for Nikon legacy glass that have an aperture ring? I looked on line and there seems to be a wide assortment everywhere! I need a part number so I don’t make a mistake. I am not brand loyal, obviously. Will go on a NEX 6.

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    Because adapters are just metal rings filling the differences of the two mount (see Flange focal distance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), lots of manufactures make them. There's no "model number".

    All you need to know to search, is the mount type you want to adapt to NEX to.

    In you case, basically a Nikon F mount to NEX adapter. I usually buy from, other people also had good experience with fotodiox. There're also Nikon to NEX adapters that allow you to control aperture, that usually mentions "for Nikon G lens". You don't need that. Just plain "Nikon F mount to NEX adapter" will do.
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