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    Video: NEX-7 vs Sony HDR-FX1

    One of the biggest companies in Austria recently contacted me to shoot a cinema commercial for them. The thing is - they've got some kind of deal to place the spot cheaply on the big screens for some months, and now they don't want (or can't - they spent all their quarterly budget already on TV advertising ...) spend much for the commercial itself.

    Question now is - the two cameras I could possibly use are a NEX-7 or a Sony HDR-FX1. I never used the FX1 and I was not able to find deeper information about frame rates, HDV bandwith and the sensor itself (seems to be a combination of three 1/3 inch 1MP CMOS sensors). It seems it only records 1080i, so theoretically the NEX-7 should be better. However, the latter one downsamples quite poorly with its 24 MP sensor.

    So, which one has the edge in image quality? I don't need any features above manual controls, because I'll use a steady cam, a external recorder for audio and controlled lighting anyways.

    Edit: There's also the HVR-HD1000 as an option, but it seems hardly different in terms of output from the HDR-FX1.
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